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hard times. vol. 4 and the future.

update 25/04/14

Welp, it seems that the hard times collection has come to an end. Closing chapters is a crazy feeling, but definitely healthy. I feel that a new collection is on it's way. Won't be as depressing that's fo sho haha. still plan on doin HTlive. GBGH is coming along great as well. The dudes and I have settled into a new space, and were fucking each other musically more than once a week. It's a healthy musical sex life, if ya know what I'm sayzin.

k love <3

- J


update 05/12/13

We're well on our way into recording the double EP set we call 'Go Big or Go Home' and we will be bringing out a single in the next coming months. We haven't yet decided on a release date for the album but we know we want it to be out for the summer. We want it to sound perfect. We are again working with our amazing pal Mike Vanstone (he did our first record and has been moving his way up to the top like a fucking boss.) Working with friends is the bomb.

second on the news plate is 'hard times. vol. 3'

it's pretty much exactly like vol. 2 with there being mostly new songs on it and only having a couple of acoustic versions of songs we have on upcoming records.

recently I brought up the idea to the guys about taking some songs from HT2 and HT3; and doing them full band live 'MTV Unplugged' style. Recording it and making a live record of it (maybe with a DVD). but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Next is video talk.

a video for the song 'romantics anonymous.' from the upcoming 'hard times. vol. 3' is being made soon. That will be out on YouTube (lawl duh.) Making it with a few good friends (the best way to work.)

and finally, I just wanna say that Luke, Rob and I are all doing great


update 06/08/13

I've found the new band.

One of them, his name is Luke. We met because he lives right above me, and is pretty lucky I'm the one who lives under him (drummers can never sit still, so they tend to pound on the floor like they're drumming.)

Solid guy.

The next guy is my good buddy Rob Brake, the man can shred like no other and has been really bringing a new dynamic to the music.

Both are inspiring me in new ways.

Ladies and Gentlemen shit just got real.

One, Joe

Go Big or Go Home/HT2

update 17/07/13

Been a while since I've been on here. I've started on holding a new monthly night with my good friend Michael Hansford of The Raspberry Heaven. I plan on playing a lot more acousticly in the case that I haven't been playing live with my electric band in some time.

I've been working on a new record, well techincally it's 2 records. I'll be making a two EPs that are kind of a two-parter. It's a concept piece with a back story that flows from the first EP to conclude on the second EP. The first EP will be called 'Go Big', and the second one, as you probably would've guessed is called 'Go Home.' Together they make one big record I call

'Go Big or Go Home.' 5 songs on each EP. Again I'll be in the studio with my good friend Mike Vanstone, the same dude who recorded and did all that jazz for 'We Fucked Up.' There is going to be a lot of guest appearences as well, so I'm too stoked to get on this shazbot.


I've also continued my little acoustic albums with

'hard times. vol. 2.' Unlike the first volume, this one is composed of almost all new songs. I've had a lot of hard shit happening lately so it flowed like no other. I've recorded majority of HT1&2 on my iPhone haha.


I've been doing my best to get a solid line-up happening, but it's hard when we have no solid jam space. I assure you that I think I've found the dudes that will go all the way with me.

More updates to come soon, I swear I'll keep it up this time.

EZ, Joe


Music Videos/Thesis/Shows:

update 21/02/13 update

In these past days, I have been conversing with my good friend Evan about making a music video for the song "Thesis Pieces/Sappy Trees". I have also been talking to a production company about making a "Douche" video.

Next, I know I've been failing on bringing you the Thesis single, but times have been kind of rough as of late. I' m just trying to regain my footing.

I have been booking acoustic shows with my friend Brandon Slaughter on hand drums. So if you're looking for some live music, check out the dates.


And there will be tunes...

update 10/07/12

So I've been working really hard lately.

I've got lots of music coming out soon. I'll be bringing out a 4 song EP called "We Fucked Up", then I'm going to bring out a single for "Thesis Pieces/Sappy Trees"

with a B-side called "Puke". After that I'm going to get in there and start recording my full length.

oh that doesn't leave out any shows. Whether I have to go by myself with an acoustic ;).

really busy, but wanted to give an update.

Stay cool everyone.

- Joe


We Fucked Up [EP]

On august 17th I shall be releasing a four song E.P.

The EP will consist of 4 unreleased songs, 2 of which will be featured on my Silent Treatment [LP]. I'm really excited about this. As of right now, I'm sure most of you know that Mike and Max have decided not to continue playing music with me. We're still buds, we probably just didn't see each other naked enough. On the upside of news, my new backing band will be Sean 'Moses' Maguire, Tom Woodcock, and Rob 'Moose' Woodcock from The Almighty Slag. My EP release party will be the August edition of Local Fuzz Friday @ The Black Shire Pub. CDs will be 5 bucks, and it'll be 5 bucks at the door.

I'll put it up on Bandcamp aswell so it'll be available everywhere.

updating the site right now, kind of sucks to be taking a lot of this shit down. I'm gonna miss jamming with my bros. To each their own, and from me, the most support I can possibly give to them.

thank you for the good times.

- Joe



Update: 03/04/12

We're stoked to have CommonCyclesLove.com up and running! Please keep checking back for upcoming show dates, new music and all that good stuff. We will try and get the store up and running soon as well :)!

Speaking of upcoming shows, starting in June, we will be holding a monthly rock night in London, ON. The Black Shire Pub was beautiful enough to allow us to tear it up once a month. For details on that please check the Local Fuzz Friday page.

Hoping to have new recordings up soon, until then we hope enjoy the live shit we have up. Thanks <3

- Joe

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